Psychological issues when women seek male attention?

I have a friend in her mid 20s...slightly pretentious, slightly arrogant (the kind who throws her accomplishments around and thinks she has an answer to everything). Anyway, she's recently been talking to and "seeing" several guys at the same time. When one doesn't give her the attention she needs, she moves on to the next and so on. How and what kind of advice to you give a girl who obviously has many insecurities without hurting her feelings.

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Well, I would let Her to learn by Herself. Because if she wanted advice she would ask.
Has she asked for advice? People rarely accept unsolicited advice and most times resent it. Your best bet is to be a friend and not try to change her, but let her know that you have concerns that perhaps she isn't behaving in a healthy way when she gets with so many different guys. She does sound quite insecure, perhaps with self-esteem issues.
You can't control other people's behavior.

No one likes unsolicited advice or criticism.

What you described doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem -- just going by what you said.

There's no reason a person can't see several people (as long as they aren't lying to them by promising to not see anyone else). This has been common practice for people who don't (yet) want to settle down.

Be that as it may, there's no way to tell someone that you think the way they live is wrong without either angering them or hurting their feelings.
Why do you need to judge her? Has she asked for your advice, or do you think you just have the right to dish it out? Holier than thou, huh? If you're her so-called friend, then why can't you just accept her for who she is?

She's an adult, right? Why don't you "allow" her to make her own mistakes & hopefully learn from them. Leave your judgements at the door where they belong.

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