Did i have a Lucid dream?

Ok, i remember this dream but its old(3 months ago)mb..
Is this a licid dream or what?

I was at my house that im currently living in. I was being chased by somthing with a knife and I didnt want it to get me and then it eventually got me and when it killed me..I instantly woke up.

Then I decided to go back to bed. Or maybe this might have been a different night

but the thing it was chasing me for a long time and I was scared to death then i realized and thought to myself....wow this is all a dream and if i kill myself then I will wake up. I grabbed a knife and stabed it through myself. There my dream turned blank.(2 seconds later) I then woke from the dream.


Yes, you were lucid. There are, of course, varying degrees of lucidity.

Some people realise they are dreaming, but never really gain control of their lucidity. Others, are able to acheive a level of lucidity where they are able to observe and control intricate details of their dream as though they were really awake.
By definition, yes it probably was a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is when you become aware that you are in the middle of a dream but this doesn't cause you to wake up from it. In these kind of dreams you can allow yourself to enter the dream state and control it. People with a high degree of mental discipline are more likely to have lucid dreams.

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