So what's the answer then... how do we help people parent?

In this crazy world of neglected, abused children... teenage pregnancies... marriage breakups... dysfunctional families bringing up dysfunctional children...

HOW do we help people become better parents? What help/ support would you like to see? How can we stop the cycle of broken/ messed up childhoods?

The only solution to helping people parent is to educate them.

Teenage pregnancy can be reduced by educating the teens, as well as their parents. It does no good to tell a teenager to "not have babies" if they don't know how babies are made. It's appallingly scary how many teens don't understand the concept of procreation and how it really works.

Marriages break up, they always have and they always will. People change, their ideas and goals go in separate ways. That's not what causes problems in their children though. What causes problems is being pulled by two parents who think of their own satisfaction (over their former spouse) rather than their children's well being. Educating people how to appropriately deal with their feelings (good or bad) about their previous spouse makes a huge difference to the children.

Not all dysfunctional children come from dysfunctional families. Not all dysfunctional families have dysfunctional children. There are many different types of successful families and the key is primarily putting the children ahead of all else, and education. Parents who learn from their parents and other role models, parents who put their children first, and parents that understand mistakes will be made, by themselves and their children and everyone else, but who also understand how to learn from those mistakes are the ones who are successful at raising happy children.

And recognizing personal responsibility and teaching it to the children is important too. Our society has gone too far to the side of "protecting the children" from things that they don't really need protection from, but need understanding about. Children don't need protection from the stranger down the street... they need to know how to deal with him appropriately and who to tell if they feel threatened.
the truth is you can't stop the cycle. some people have kids and were never really meant to have kids and are not cut out to be parents. the cycle can't be stopped because people are 12 and 13 having babies. a child can't raise a child. the truth is everyone wasn't meant to have children. everyone isn't fit to be a parent no matter how much you try and help them.
in my honest to god opinion, they should even be parents in the first place, but thats too late, or too early to make an amendment, what we can do is make the some people watch over them. thats unethical in my opinion thought, the government probably wouldnt do it, not to every family at least. but we just need to train our children to be better for the next generation and strictly enforce the use of condoms, or birth control pills- whichever
Too many people are afraid of disciplining their own child and that's what it comes down to. My parents were very strict -- not abusive any way. But there were RULES and CONSEQUENCES. Period. You break the rule, you get the consequence. Parents aren't teaching their kid anything good by trying to get around this fundamental parenting notion. There were tons and tons of good times and fun and games and lots of love. But if you messed up as a kid, you got in trouble... just like real life!
be active in the community with children sports teaching tutoring big brother sister volunteer as much as you can with children and see if you can make a difference.

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