Why are people scared of clowns?

Clowns are altogether too happy and cheerful for many young children to comprehend. The weird, bright makeup and the happy, happy, joy, joy outlook on life is kind of disconcerting. Imagine, a woman whose face is coated in lipsick, is paler than a corpse she has so much powder on her face, and whose hair is dyed a multitude of colors jumps up at you in the street and starts singing the Barney theme song. We wouldn't have a good impression of her. It is the same for kids: Clowns look weird and act weirder.

Adults probably don't like clowns because they wonder why anyone would do this of their own free will.
Have you seen "IT"?
because they are a murderous scourge of this nation
Some people saw that scary clown movie called "IT" and have been terrified! My friend has been so scared that she punched one in the face at a funhouse once. LoL
To me, clowns are like liars...I just don't trust them.
because clowns are creepy...why is anybody scared of anything that can't cause them harm?
Childhood memories, there are some kids who are now grown up as adults who still remember how traumatized they were way back then.
I fortunately wasn't one of them, but I know someone who was and still is.
Too many people saw Steven King's "It" when they were kids and haven't grown up yet.
#1 well they look kinda creepy #2 alot of scary movies with clowns #3 they are unaturaly happy which is creepy #4 you never know what kinda of creep is under that make up

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