Am I ambitious or workaholic?

I use to justify my behavior by saying I'm just ambitious but now i'm starting to doubt my reasoning.

1. I work 50 hrs a week
2. I get very antousiastic when I talk about my work
3. I can not take a day off or a vacation without feeling guilty
4. I think the world will stop turning if I'm not at the office
5. I eat at my desk while working
6. I think about work while showering, shopping and in bed
7. I fear me they are boring and a waste of time
8. It's been like that for 3 years (i'm divorced)

I have a week of vacation scheduled for next week and I am stressing over not being at the office.

What in the world can I do to stop that non sense?

you need more in your life. you think about work because you have nothing else. get a hobby, go to school, date etc..
Reprioritize. Look at the causes of your divorce; really ask yourself "is work making me happy" or "am I running away from something a little more intrinsic?" Is all of this work really helping you fulfill yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically or are you just concentrating on the material? Are you really HAPPY with work? It's great to be enthused, but you have not set any limits or boundaries between work and your personal life. So yeah, you might be a workaholic.
Enjoy your vacation--turn off the phone, the computer, and have some fun for yourself.

You definitely are overdoing the work thing--it's way beyond normal. You need time off--and the company will not cease to operate if you are out sick.

For your physical and mental well-being--you need to block the job from your mind when you're not there. If you can't do this, you should really speak to a doctor or therapist.
get i hobby and some friends to be active with
Based on the evidence, you're a clear workaholic. So, get your priorities in order. Remember, work is merely a way to procure the funds you need to live life
Read #4. That's a clue. You actually think the world will stop without you? If you leave this world tomorrow---it will continue on without you. You need to get a grip and realize that it's not all about you. Get a hobby, go to yoga, or find some friends to chill out with. Work on your self-esteem, read a self help book.
You need to deal with your issues and ejoy life. Working is fine but you need to enjoy your time here. There is so much more for you out there and you need to find it.
well you're a workaholic in my opinion. i need some of your way of doing things and you are like the ideal employee. you dont get bored of your job, you are willing to do overtime, you are alined to the corporation, wow, i would hire you in a heart beat if i had a business. in my opinion, ambitious people usually have a goal in mind, and then doing whatever it takes to get it. if you want to change your life, then decide what it is that you want and orgranize around that.

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