A question for homosexuals. If you could change you're sexual preference, would you?

Just in case you're wondering, I'm a lesbian and have pondered on this a lot. I wouldn't change, but I would gladly avoid the inner frustation and lack of tolerance.

first off, you can't control who you are attracted to or who you fall in love with. and your sexual orientation is purely your attraction, something biological, hormonal, physical and visual. i dont think you can control your sexual attractions, so i dont think one can just change their orientation. if anything, you can be in denial to yourself and others and in that state where you cant accept it, but that's totally different from all of a sudden saying you're straight when you've been gay.
It's a price to pay to be yourself. I am a gay man who has asked himself this same question about 8 years ago. I've known since I was 10 (Yup, 10 years old). I've had sex with women on multiple occasions, but I've never had the deep seeded emotional connection that I've had with a man.

So to answer your question, a resounding: No. You are who you are and don't EVER let anyone change that.
Really have not thought about it but you asked.. now I need 2 know Why r u really wanting to go to heterosexual are you just asking a question? You just my be confused My Dear...
But isn't it so much easier to be who you are these days?
I'm in the deep south and they are sure behind the times, but back home near Cambridge it's almost cool to be gay or at least bi, particularly in high school/college.
I am bisexual and wouldn't change it for the world. I am who I am this makes up a large part of me. Not the only part mind you, but a big portion. I'm very proud of it.
Try the inner frustration and lack of tolerance of the opposite sex. I always say I wish I was gay and really believe they must be the happiest.in a relationship anyway.

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