** What is your phobia??

My friends husband is scared of ANYTHING velvet!!.weird or what?!.what would make you go running for the hills??

Gangs of Chavs

they are like wasps but human sized.
Fear of Fear!
I can be scared of spiders, my fears seem to grow as I get older
I'm scared of freaky phobia questions...ooooohhh!
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedalio ... phobia - The fear of long words. lol
wait i dont understand r u saying what we r afraid of or what we worship.
dracnaphobia. i fear things that suck my blood, ie ticks, leeches... mosquitoes arent that bad cuz i can squish 'em lol
ugly chicks.
snakes and spiders
i have a phobia for needles, but my hubby is so scared of cotton wool, he runs from it every time he sees it, almost as weird of a fear of velvet xx
No phobias. No fears. Nothing.
Daddy long legs. That and being tortured unpleasantly for a long time.
i am 12 and mi phobias are phobia of heights phobia of deep water and phobia of insects
Turophobia, poor me.
Any type of stairs... Escalators, Staircases...
And I hate Needles... O_O
lightening , moths , wasps , spiders , basically im a wuss !!
dogs that bite, (ya i got bit before),the dark and alone(nightmares seem to occur),scary movies.especially violence, and probably biggest most ciommon is rejection already been abandoned so not afraid of that.more than once and never ending.
Bugs that sting !! AAAHHH! or bugs that land on you AAHHH!!
i have a fear of butterflies..i dont get how other people cant see their scariness!! i hate them! they are so creepy! except if theyre on a t-shirt or something.
Hair in food - I cant even think about it without wanting to be sick - if I find some - thats it, meal well and truly over!!
im afraid that my power will go out and all that i did on an eltronic system will be lost
Being sick - eek!
Cockroaches ugh. and huge buttons theyre wrong
I am deathly afraid of mouse whiskers. I am afraid that they will pop off the mouse, grow to ridiculous lengths, and strangle me.
The examiner who gives you your road test so you can qualify to get your driver's license. I can learn to drive. I drive pretty good, actually. The instructor told me the last four times we went out all I was doing was driving her to various things she needed to get done. I was being like her chauffeur. She said that is how well I was driving, but get into the car with the road test examiner from the state and pass the road test - I am still not there yet. I freak when I think about it. Can you imagine? I'm 64 and I have demonized the road test examiner.

Well, some people it's spiders, and some people it's dentists, and sometimes its fathers who are angry all the time or mothers who won't quit nagging, or dogs that bark next door, 'way into the night - but for me it's the road test examiner. He's my new boogie man.
Worms and any wormy type creature e.g. maggots. Everytime I see one my body goes into automatic mode and I run off =(.

I remember one biology class where someone taunted me with a earthworm. I had no idea that I threw a scapel at him when I calmed down and got away from it (scapel missed if you're wondering).

hello_dave: ROFL! Nice answer.
Spiders !!!!
lol adults feet i know im strange but theyre horrible and smelly and some people have hairy toes and theyre just plain disgusting lol i even need to scrub my hands when i put on my socks and shoes i know im just plain bloody strange
Getting to the stage where im that old and withered, i have to rely on everyone to do everything for me, even wipe my ars3 for me if it ever get to that stage i wan to be shot dead. To be that much of a burden on someone, and to have my family watch their bizarre granny, mother etc who doesnt even recognise them fade into insanity. No thank you. I chose death.
It used to be spiders! Even a photo of one would have me up on the nearest and highest work surface, sweating, shaking and crying my eyes out. But I got myself over it! I'm not saying my fear has completely gone, it's just that I'm not faced with so many any more, nor the places they usually hang out. YET I've moved to the part of the world that has the worlds largest spider and I had one in my lounge! It's like this, I see them less but when I do they're bigger & badder, whereas before I had a LOT of incidences with them dropping on me, running onto me etc in the UK and lived in paralyzing fear of them (i'd never step foot inside a garage or shed or sit under beer garden umbrellas.I was disabled by my fear).

Now it's spending the last days of my life in a hospital! That makes me want to run...all the needles and fussy staff, the awful beds and tests and food.or losing someone I love this way!

PS I also HATE MOHAIR! I can't speak aorund people wearing it coz it makes my teeth hurt!

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