I want to improve my self esteem but I don't know if I'm doing it right. Can you help?

I'm insecure so I tend to blow things up and become egotistical and superior in a way to make myself look better than I am.so wouldn't affirmations make my situation worse?

It's great that you can even admit it. You have some insight into your behavior and that's a good start. Haha. I don't mean to blow up your ego more, but you should be acknowledged at least for that.

Maybe bring that honesty more to the face of your behavior by admitting it first to close friends and family. By saying, "I don't know how to not be arrogant and egotistical when I feel insecure about some things, but I'm trying to work on that." That's probably the best affirmation you can give yourself. It's putting your intention out there to the world and yourself. Everyone has their insecurities and many hide behind ego and arrogance. It's ok until you realize it's not working for you so well.

Here are more affirmations for you. This is what I slowly discovered over time to be true for myself...

You are absolutely ok as you are right now and have some great or promising attributes to your character and personality (I'm sure you can find them). Any imperfections or flaws you may have are absolutely ok to have and you are entitled to them. It's ok to be imperfect, it is your right to be. And you know that when you need to improve upon yourself, you will. In fact, those imperfections and flaws are exactly what you need to have right here and now in order to find your way towards your more mature, wise, and happier self. Anyone who looks down on you for your imperfections refuses to acknowledge and fess up to their own. That is their imperfection and you do not need to try to impress such people. The pace at which you work through your issues is perfectly suited to you. You don't need to be faster at it if you are not because you are still taken care of in each moment of your existence just as you are. Reality (God, Universe, whichever suits you) unconditionally loves you exactly as you are in the sense that it allows, supports, accepts, and provides for you to be you here and now.

Hope that helps... :-)
Please know this you are a beautiful person. Having low self-esteem is what the devil wants you to believe. Everyday for the next few weeks get up and look into that mirror and say "I AM BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT" You have to take charge of your life, encourge yourself, lift yourself up and tell yourself that you can do anything all you have to do is try. Never give up, life is good, we all have things that we don't like about ourselves, but what most of us forget is that we have the power to change it. You have the power to change.
Avoid affirmations. They just cover your true self with things you imagine about yourself. the truth is that you are much more incredible than you can imagine. You need to discover or uncover how wonderful you really are not cover it up with affirmations.

See site below to learn how great you really are and continue to discover it in your life. That is what that short article is about-- having a whole life time to learn and feel perfect peace and limitless happiness.
The number one rule of medicine and Psychology is ever to practice on yourself or anyone close to you. It blinds the person from the truth to often. It would be best if you found a specific list and had others, with open minds, tell you how you are doing.

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