My dog that I've grown up with died... why didn't I cry?

I had a black lab for years and years, we've basically grown up together, and my dad had to put him down this weekend because he was so old he couldn't see or hear. When we were talking about it about a month ago, I was crying my eyes out just thinking about it and speaking about it. But when my dad told me on Saturday, I didn't even shed a tear. I mean I miss him a lot and all that but I don't understand why I feel this way, it's almost like I can't cry. Do you think I could be supressing my emotions or something? Any insight on this would help.

Maybe it just hasn't hit you yet. Or maybe you are holding back for some reason. No one likes to get upset and feel pain if they can help it. You probably cried at first because it was a shock to you and you didn't know it was coming. Now that he has passed, you were a little more prepared for it to happen, and maybe that's a way of protecting yourself. You're just not allowing yourself to get upset and have a good cry over it now. It's normal and healthy to mourn, and everyone does it in their own way, but don't try to shut it out. You'll feel much better after you've dealt with it.
.....You may have already mourned him. Also, you may have moments of mourning later. I wouldn't be too concerned about it. I'm sorry for your loss, though. The loss of pets in the past has been very hard for me.
It sounds that maybe you mourned the passing before he died. You had gone through the emotion of loosing him when first told by your father, so just maybe you managed it well and are over it already. I hope so, for your sake. Pain is never good to live with for long.
it depends really if you had many pets in your life then you dont really cry any more its just a thing that happens it happens to me most of the time like not crying at funerals maybe you dont want to cry or maybe you havnt let all of your feelings out try going to a phycayartrist they can help :) hope this helped xxx
Jenn is right. Every one is different. You may have already dealt with it and realize that he is not suffering anymore. Or it may hit you again down the line. It's OK not to have cried so don't give your self a complex over it. It may bother you again when you go to dads house where he should be and isn't any longer. Sorry for your loss.
You were expecting it and now you are able to let your thoughts be real. You are just accepting reality now. Be grateful.

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