Am I being stalked? Should I be concerned?

I am a receptionist so I deal with people all day. I answer the phone and this guy by the name of Scott says "Hi this is Scot I was in there the other day and met you, do you remember me?" then just repeats himself. Its happened a few times in the last two months. There are other women in the office but this guy never does this to them. Okay this is the really strange part. My husband's name is Scott. Is this a coinicdence or has he looked me up on line and is trying to scare me? What should I do? Should I be concerned?

The Scott thing may or may not be a coincidence, but either way this guy sounds like a creeper, if he is calling your work just to talk to you and get ahold of you you should probably talk to your boss about maybe blocking this number from contacting your work.
what? so some jerk is trying to make you. is this so new? he's trying to make time with you but youre under no obligation to marry him. just be polite like, 'oh, yes hello, and what can we do for you today?'

if he trys to invite you out, be polite but firm in telling him that you are already married. if he gets pushy, tell the management ASAP. no one is interested in letting some fruit loop get you so dont even worry.just politely convince him to move on.

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