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The Mayans couldn't have possibly created their calender themselves without some type of highly advanced culture such as extraterrestrials,space travelers etc. Religion may well possibly be based on their predictions and the promise to one day return.The Messiah according to the Biblical history may just be this type of person or being.Jesus having been resurrected would have logically stayed on to help mankind and not wave goodbye see ya later. It's just too um....."Fishy"
Japan and China own hundreds of billions of US treasury bonds. They are basically funding the war in Iraq.
Bush was born in Newport, Conneticut!
He has also described HIMSELF as a "war president!"
Ants always fall on their left side when they are drunk.
do you ever get the feeling of when you fast and slow at the same time? its like your on slow motion but u can feel that ur going faster than u usually do. its just an odd feeling...
a guy wlks into a bar and says ow!

sexist joke...sorry:
three blondes are walking down a beach. a dirtyy blonde, a regular blonde, and a platinum blode.

they go into a bar. there is a genie in the bar

genie: since there are three of you, you each get one wish.

dirty blonde: people are ALWAYS calling me dumb so i want to be a THOUSAND times smarter.

her hair turns a thousand times darker and she goes off to be a medical surgeon

regular blonde: i am always called dumb too so i want to be a MILLION times smarter.

her hair turns a million times darker and she goes off to find the cure for cancer.

platinum blonde: ugh. why would i want to be anything like those biotches? i want to be a MILLION time dumber!

genie: are you sure?

platinum blonde: um ya.

he turns her into a guy.
Aliens have landed!:)

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