Was my therapist hitting on me, or just building confidence?

when he said I had a beautiful smile and amazing personality?

Please, please don't use this forum, in addition to the therapy, you are pursuing at this point. If you are involved in therapy. What you will do is negate any benefit you might derive for the therapy.
I read you question, in the very first one, "what is my problem", you say you are "hitting" on the psychologist.
You I believe have some issues to deal with, and get past, that will happen for you I'm sure, but once again let your therapist do his job, trust him and follow his advise. Good things to you in you future, Sincerely
I think that he was stating the truth and nothing more. My therapist has said that I'm a smart giving person who needs to have more confidence in myself and that I don't take credit were credit is due. There are times when you need to be reminded of your good points so that you realize that there are good things going on in your life and that everything isn't bad. That can be a difficult concept when things don't seem to be going well. There are a lot of times that my therapist will remind me of the things that I've done that have turned out well and the people that I"ve helped. There were twice when I was dressed up for a dinner or party after therapy that he told me that I looked really nice and that I should wear make up more. It was his way of telling me that I should try and to take care of myself more often.
It unethical for him to hit on you. Sounds to me that he was just trying to give your ego a little boast. If he continues along in this same vein, however, I would be a little wary of him. You might even discuss with him that this makes you uncomfortable.
You would have to judge his intention. That could be either. Watch for signs of his sincerity of only being interested in you highest well being. Otherwise whats the point of having a therapist. Then you will need a therapist to help you with the exploytation of the other theripist and on and on. It is kind of like these psych drugs.They take one to cure depression but becauseof teh side effects they can't sleep at night so they need a sleeping pill and then they are tired during the day so they need coffee and on and on. Really everyone needs self realization (Bhakti Yoga) to end all this misery. For info go to harekrishnatemple.com Read Bhagavad Gita as it is BY Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada- Tells how. you can read it on line asitis.com I love it.
I'm sure he was just trying to build confidence or make a point about how you should have self-esteem. It's pretty common for therapist to point out positives especially if their patient if having trouble seeing their own positive attributes.

Assume that he is working toward this rather than hitting on you. There's a close/trusting relationship that has to build between patient and therapist and sometimes that gets to a point that is confussing, especially if you are a person that is searching for a close/trusting relationship. Try your best to cast aside any romantic thoughts you may develop. It's a different kind of close relationship that you are forming. He's the professional so it's his job to guide this. If you feel he's crossing that line or you feel uncomfortable, you need to terminate treatment and find a different therapist.possibily a female. Don't think your therapist will be offended, it's common and acceptable.
Completely inappropriate choice of words.

A therapist should be unambiguous and precise in language.

Unfortunately many therapists have just as many issues to work out as their patients.

I would be careful not to become a victim of the person who is trying to help you ostensibly.

If it helps, your avatar seems to have a nice smile. :)
maybe just building confidence but when he starts touching you, fire him on the spot, therapy sessions with him will just dig u deeper into confusion and self doubt..
Well, that depends on reasons why you see a therapist. If you have a problem with self-esteem, then it's appropriate that he/she gives you an encouragement to boost your esteem, but if you went there for something else, then it's not appropriate.
I use to have a shirt that said "psychologist do it on the Couch" boy did I get stop alot in the malls and in the doctors office by psychologist saying that is career ending. So nine times out of ten I would say he has :good in mind". The shirt is now gone!

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