Am I a loser?

Hi, I'm an eighth grader about to enter ninth grade, and I have been dealing with some complexeties for a while, and I just don't think there's anything that about me that makes me worthwhile. Like, my favorite sports were basketball and soccer but now I'm giving both up because I now realize I don't have what it takes for the high school level. Also, I participated in this think called Academic Games last year and I did pretty well and even made it to nationals, but now I'm giving that up to because when the high school players came to talk to us, I realized just what geniuses these guys were, and I now know I can't compete with them. I just feel so empty and like such a loser now sitting at home every day because I also don't have very many friends. So I'm not a likeable person nor have any talents?? I feel so empty, and feel like high school will only make my life deteriorate because while others are out doing something with their friends or activities I'll be sitting at home.

don't give up! Do sports for fun! You'll meet more friends! Don't be down! You have a long way ahead of you!
Try Lexapro.
You are what you think you are. With that mindset you will never have confidence. Be yourself, but you need to make an effort, it just won't come to you. Try to make friends, even small talk to start with. Don't be afraid to be yourself.
wow that pretty much describes me too
dont give up on your dreams or anything...if you want to play sports you should try to find a team who is playing for fun and not for the competition
how do you know you cant compete with them you should give it a try.even if you do lose at least you tried

high school competition isnt all about being the best its about trying your best and having fun you cant get any better at anything if you just quit.
The first thing that I thought after reading your post was how eloquently you are with the spoken and written word. To be so young (to me, I'm 35!) you have the wonderful gift of self expression. I wish you weren't so hard on yourself. If you had the ability to take your team to the national level, there is no reason to think that you could not perform that well on a High School level as well. Remember, those players that came to talk to you were probably the best of the best. Don't let that intimidate you. Most likely there are lots of people just like you on the team who have to struggle and study harder than others. This doesn't make you less of a person and it certainly doesn't make you a loser. Also, think about this: the more you keep yourself in the state of mind you were in when you posted your comments, the closer you come to a self fulfilling prophecy. The more you focus on those negatives, the more you will see those things come to pass in your life. There is something out there for you. Maybe it isn't sports and that is OKAY!
Be kinder to yourself and be patient.
Rome wasn't built in a day.
Good luck to you.
No your not a loser! And don't give up on the things you love.
Just because you think your not as good as the high school ppl...well don't think that...just have fun! And you can always improve if you want too.
That means you are more intelligent than many others. When one begins to become dissatisfied with this world then that means they have practically done everything there is to do. That means you had other lives and you have done it all. SO you are board. I know Because I became board when I was school age and now I am so happy I found out why and how to get unboard. Just because you aren't good at mundane things doesn't mean you are a looser. It means you have the opportunity to be the greatest winner. This world is not our real home any way so make your life a search for the absolute Truth. But I can help you make quick progress by Reading BHagavad Gita as it is By Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada - tells the purpose of life and how to be truly happy and find one true highest self. I love it. Go to you can read Gita on line on It really will change your whole outlook on yourself and life. Frankly people are sleepwalking not knowing who they are in reality. You can know and become the most intelligent person on the planet. Simple for the simple. Good luck. Check it out.
Your definately not a loser but you do seem to be suffering from a dose of low self esteem. When your young you feel that no one understands you and every setback is a world ending event. Life is long and you have a long time to discover the things your both good at and enjoy. I think the fact that you wrote the question and exposed yourself to both critics and compliments means your a deep thinking and mature beyond your years individual. Just relax and keep looking for things to try. The only failure is in not trying at all.
No, you definitely are not a loser, unless you decide to stay in this funk. High school kids are amazingly smart and skillful because when they came to this same slump you are now in, they got very serious and used that realization as motivation to push for excellence and excel.

Grade 8 is a tough grade to negotiate. Suddenly, you realize that all those things that used to come so easyily don't come so easy now that you want to really get serious about learning. The thing 13 and 14 yr olds do to themselves is expect instant perfection then beat themselves up emotionally when it doesn't happen. Those older kids worked really hard to achieve their goals, even though they may try to play cool and say it's nothing.

You must not give in to this unrealistic expectation of perfection. Know that further learning and skill takes serious, focused right practice and lot's of time. Go for it! You've got the basics. Now, build on them with all your might.
Life is a sum of varied experiences that a person goes through. You have had your ups & downs. Donot worry a good time awaits you.Have the courage to accept things you cannot change and confidence to change whatever you can and the wisdom to know the difference. All the best.

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