Timmy Tummy's Flibby Flaaabbbbb!.?

If you really didnt understand that... which i dont know... you probably didnt, heres my problem: I'm really skinny or so I hear from other people that I am really skinny but every time i look in the mirror, what i see is: "hey your a nice looking girl but you'll never actually be skinny!" "you just need to get rid of that flab in your stomach!" "too bad you cant get rid of that, fatso." So I've been working out, and i work at a camp outside in sweltering heat for 6 hours a day... kind of like a sauna lol. but seriously i dont know whats wrong with me. i had a physical and they said that i looked perfectly healthy.. and that im the normal weight. but im so used to being undeweight at every physical and i feel really bad about that. i used to be able to brag and say stuff like "ha! im in the 12th percentile!" "whats that?" "i dont know but it means im underweight!" lol. and people would envy me and w/e. and now i feel like i dont have the perfect body and im not good enough. help?

you sound perfectly normal, please dont worry! just be happy with who you are, even though that may be hard at times(its hard for me...) hope i helped, you always seem to give me the best advice =]
Sounds like a hormone attack. Ease up on yourself or you could turn anorexic/bulemic.
It's called anorexia.

You THINK you're fat when you're not.

You should seek treatment for eating disorders; it's treatable.

It's normal and healthy to have some fat on one's body.

It's unhealthy to not have any fat at all.

Having some fat doesn't mean that YOU are fat.

You could die from this; you really need to get help.

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