What do I need to do forr my borderline girlfriend?

My girlfriend has borderline personality disorder and everything lately but today she came out and said she just wants to be friends she has done this a few times before and we are still together.Is it her diorder or does she really not want to be with me?I don't know what to do I don't want to lose her.I have two kids and they love her dearly I left their father for her and she is currently planing are family vacation I dont know what to think of all this Help

Apparently she has commitment issues and is unsure of her feelings. Be gentle and bear with her. If you are still together and planning future activities together this should say something about her feelings but she is vascillating. So go slow and be supportive and just be there for her. Some people need some time to take some major steps like a commitment. So be strong and hang in there if its for real it will last.
I would suggest that you might convince her to just go to the doctor. Maybe you go also. Air this serious situation out with the professionals. Good luck.
You need to think about your kids. Borderline personality is a serious mental illness. If your kids love her they will be hurt and confused by her serious mood changes. If you're confused, imagine what your kids are dealing with.

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