Is the below statement a true statement?

Many people believe today that teenagers lack respect for authority, lack respect for school, and even lack respect for family. For the most part they are looked down on by society as being disobedient trouble-makers. Being a teenager isn’t an easy task. They’re constantly being exposed to new, scary situations, and it’s hard for any teenager to overcome one of these obstacles because of how they are looked at by other people, and one of the biggest problems a teenager has to face is depression.

Everyone was a teenager once in there life so there is no excuse for stuff happening to them because more or less everyone has gone through their fair share of problems. The average teenage problem may be different due to time periods but I think it has bascially the same impact on the teen. Most teens today do lack respect for many things. Some also think that they know everything and are invincible but they still have a lot to learn. I think this would be more true for societies in the western world. For me my parents are african, and I would never dare talk back in an argument or yell at them. I was very respectful and sometimes I am suprised to see the way some of my friends (here in the U.S) and even my nephew, age 16 (raised here in the U.S) yell at their parents over the most ridiculous things. I also think that many old people in society are harassed and made fun of by younger people...when the older people actually deserve the most respect. Being a teenager isn't easy because they are still on the quest for self-discovery in discovering who they are but a great deal of respect for elders, schools and familes has been lost along the years...I think some teens are growing up too fast thinking that they are adults when they are not quite there yet.
It's a big statement. Parts of it are true for some, while other parts may be true for others. If it is true for you, counseling can help.
Yes, it is a true statement, and has been for the last 100 years.
Yes, it's true.
The last sentence is a run-on sentence and needs to be broken down into at least 2 sentences. Your statement about how teenagers are looked down on by society is very general and not precise. Why do you say it's hard (should be 'it is difficult') to overcome one of these obstacles? Which one?
Some parts of the statement are true, but other parts will need to be supported in the body of the essay; they aren't necessarily true.
each and every word of this statement is true
Yes, it is really sad but it is true.

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