Do you ever use your sixth sense? example "gut feeling" in your stomach...than act on it?

I was with a friend & I could smell smoke it scared me. I went home & my kitchen cupboards were smoldering caused by a fire from a pan of hot oil left with the burner on.

Everyone has a form of ESP, some people are more in-tuned
too it. Your body can sense and detect danger and try 2 alert you 2 proceed with caution or not at all. We often ignore these signs but spiritually you can feel things!!
Have you ever felt a De 'Ja'vu, like you have been 2 this place before or felt as if you had done this before!
Have you ever felt compelled 2 call someone and when u do realize this person was thinking of you 2.
Have you ever warned your children about danger and when without u being there your child gets hurt and you already no somethings wrong before you are told.
Children especially are very in-tuned 2 higher energy/ when they tell you stories of invisible friends and seeing things it's probably true believe it or not.
Reincarnation is also true and some children can remember past lives, it has been proven.
We all have a inner switch too keep us aware of things whether we choose 2 listen 2 it is totally up to us.
yeah, its hardly serious stuff though. i had a bad feeling about traveling late and i almost missed my flight.

also i tend to break into song at strange times but i turn the radio on or up and thats whats playing.

also, something which i LOVE, is i often think to call or text my boyfriend when he's thinking about the same thing so i start sending a text and one comes through from him or i call him on him mobile and the landline starts ringing and he's on the other end of both calls
Yes, quite a bit.
I'm arachnid phobic and everytime I walk into a room, I always get a feeling I'm getting watched and when I start looking around, I would eventually see a spider. Kind of like I'm doing right now.

And what do yeah know, I'm looking at one right now! (shivers)
yes but i dont recall it ever being about something serious.

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