Psychology question?

I heard a song by Something Corporate called Konstantine, and there's a part in the song where the singer, Andrew McMahon says "I always catch the clock it's 11:11/And now you want to talk" and ever since I heard that song, I've seen 11:11 on the clock, and it's not just every now and then, I see it daily, like after my brother's graduation I got in the car and turned it on it's 11:11, I'm watching tv at night it's 11:11, I'm reading in bed and I look up to see what time it is, it's 11:11. I think that it's pretty weird and a little creepy, because I never saw 11:11 before I heard the song, but do you guys think it's just a coincidence? And I know that somebody's going to say that I saw it before and never noticed, but I would have noticed, because when I was little my friends and I always used to make a wish when the time was the same number like11:11 or numbers in a row, like 12:34, and it became a habit to notice numbers like that.

Test out your own theory. From now on see f you notice these random numbers 7:14. If you do then it is just something that happens. If you don't then maybe there is a significance. Also, count how many times you look at the clock during the day and it is not 11:11. That should help you come to your own conclusion. Good luck
That's weird. The same thing happens to me with the time 9:11 ever since September 11. It's creepy but I try to ignore it. It's probably just a coincidence.
i think its has something to do with the fact that the numbers are all the same...
some clock use 7 leds display...
so 7 may look just like1 in some angles...
that may increase the chances of seen 11:11 on the clock...
after you get used to look at the clock at 11:11, you will always look..
its like getting used to wake up early in the morning..
I do that too. It's because in your brain there are different sections and one of them processes numbers. It will happen with words too. Like if you see double letters in a word some people will pay the most attention to that. So with numbers your just seing orders and paying the most attention to it. Like after 9/11 I would always pay attention to tha order of numbers. Any other time if I see 12:34 like you said I will also see 1234 So It is normal. Some might even say That means you are smarter than most or more developed.

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