Hi All :) .. Do you tend to be more CONFRONTATIONAL, or more CONCILIATORY? :D?

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Thanks, for sharing.......
I will give you my answer, when the question is resolved..

not confrontational... it gets undesired results, leads to hard feelings which affects further dealings, and just plain leaves a bad feeling in my gut.

not really conciliatory either. not so willing to concede but am open minded enough to delay end game and find some wiggle room. there is a way in and a way OUT of every argument. you just have to be patient and resourceful enough to find it (this may take awhile!)

best term- CONSENSUAL. mutually agreeing, even to disagree if that's necessary, but bringing with it some sense of accomplishment and resolvement. no losers- no sad faces- no hard feelings. just two different ideas that have found a way to coexist.
It depends on what the situation calls for.
That depends on the mood I happen to be in at the time. And who I'm dealing with and their attitude.
I pick my battles. I'm usually conciliatory if in the larger view it makes no real difference.
But if something is important to me;I am a pit bull.
more concilatory. I used to be more confrontational but then i realized it is an unreasonable way to be. Because when i am confrontational, i assume many things about the other person that are usually wrong plus i expect to get people to see my own point of view without making an equal effort to see theirs. I am more concilatory now ie i talk to people and try to see where they are coming from and then suggest a method that works for both of us and see where either of us is willing to compromise.
confrontational, my friends the complete opposite. always conciliatory. i like to do something my way or at least something that makes sense. my friend just tags along. but im a yr older. who knows the future
Definitely confrontational
Definitely more concilliatory.but...if extremes are called for, I can get confrontational...but this is very very rare and it is never a meltdown or anything crazy...just maybe a deepening of my voice and a harshness of my tone
These are different words for the same thing ~ resolving disputes so that you have your will prevail.

I try to listen first... that provides me with information required for an appropriately weighted reaction and in that way I try to appear rational, reasonable and these characteristics assist you to be persuasive. I really do listen, though... you can learn a lot from other people.. and maybe my original point of view is wrong or flawed.

I think you need to know what the limit is, of the other party's compromise . and you can pick around the edges so they continue to feel comfortable .. you can boil it down to the point where their argument looks a little trite to them... turn it around until it appears irrelevant to the "real point" in issue.

It is useful to wear down the other party but you don't have to blast them with both barrels, unless that forces open impenetrable negotiations.
I am (suprise) non-confrontational by nature. I will only confront someone when i have no other options, til i'm backed into a corner per se.
But when I do confront someone, when all of my other options are exhausted, I'm usually pretty pi-ssed by this point cuz I've tried my damnedest to make it right.
Just play nice with me and appreciate when i'm trying to reconcile
I tend to be confrontational with the intent of reconciliation. I don't think you can be truly reconciled without addressing the issue.
Most people would tend to one or the other. But with all things in life a measure of both is probably the most useful way to go.

You haven't given a scenario so determining a tendency is tough, because I try my best to react to each situation based on the surrounding criteria.

To answer your question, I put off confrontation unless it is absolutely necessary, and even in such cases, I try to bring an ere of humility with it. As most interactions that involve a disagreement result in two people defending their points, and failing to respect the others.

The part I have a difficult time wrapping my mind around is those who want the confrontation so much that they push a conciliatory person into their same mindset.

Example: One party is readily admitting to their fault in a matter, and the opposing side continues to fight, and pick on the apologies, how they were made, the intent, ect.

So know I'm learning to distance myself from people like this. More commonly known as drama orientated people.
For the most part I am more conciliatory under average circumstances. However, this does not make me a pushover. . .my quality of life is better because I can let the insubstantial go. I know when to put my foot down and I have no problem keeping it there!

I win by the element of surprise ~ unless they know me of course! I think it is amusing when people assume the reason I am so easy going is because I have no backbone. I tend to be passive aggressive in confrontations and those who have been on the receiving end of it . . . . don't usually forget it.
It takes study of being more assertive, developing higher self esteem, learning what you will and will not accept as behavior towards yourself, learning the subject and knowing if your input is of value when they are wrong.

Basically you start small in sticking up for yourself and build through study and experience what works for you.

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