Is it true that if u have a dream that your falling and that if u hit the bottom your dead?

ok i had a dream that i fell off of a building and right befor i hit the bottom i wake up.has anyone ever hit the bottom after falling still alive?? JUST ASKING!!!

who could prove something like that? the persons dead!
i have a dream where i fall off a plain for some reason. then right when i fall, i fall out of bed and wake up
im not sure ive heard that and ive had the dreams but i don't know if its true
Yeah, I've hit bottom and, as far as I know, I'm still alive.
i've hit before and am still here
wow. please i hope you are less than 10 years old.
i had that dream many times but i never hit bottom. then there where others.. so tell me more
yeah i've hit the bottom and am still alive but my heart was going pretty fast when i woke up
i heard that too. and i have nvr hit the bottom! i wake up just when im about to hit. like an inch away. its freakkyy
umm. i fell from the top of a hill and landed in some water... but i'm probably still alive because i wasnt scared [i can usually tell when i'm dreaming and i wake up when i want.]
No, people often have a falling sensation when they go to bed very tired.
How would one know? the person is dead before his story could be told.
did your dad hold you under water for a long time. wen you were a baby.
I have dreamed I fell off a high cliff and hit the bottom to find it was the ocean. I dreamed I went under water and awoke as I came to the surface.
The whole thing is a myth. Take a few minutes to think this through, and you will relaize that it is IMPOSSIBLE for this to be proven, thus why did it ever arise as a myth in the first place??? It's pure Bee ess
Absolutely not, I am a lucid dreamer, and I have intentionally "hit bottom" just to see what would happen (true experience) in the dream I bounced, now if I had splattered maybe I would have died, lol, BUT I'M STILL HERE!
You wouldn't know if somebody died when they had the dream because their dead. However, it is very rare for someone to have a falling dream and hit the bottom because the mind will not allow it. We are conditioned to believe that falling and landing is bad. The mind's instinct, therefore, is to produce chemicals (primarily adrenaline) before you hit bottom in the dream. The rush of chemicals usually wakes you up.

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