Chi squared HELP!!!?

for my psychology coursework i need to do this

i have four groups of data i have the mean and standard deviation, just need to know how to go to the next step and do chi squared.

Have you been specifically told to use a chi square? Because what you are describing (having the means and standard deviations) suggests you want to do an ANOVA to me.

This is because with a chi squares deals with categorical data and as such you wont be using means and standard deviations, but observed and expected values (e.g 50% of people chose option a, but you expected only 25% etc).

If you provide the data, I can help you go through it with you either way, but the data would be a lot more helpful.
It's difficult to explain via computer so try and get "Simple Statistics" by Frances Clegg, it explains it step by step in there. (you can buy on amazon)
Firstly you need to put the data into a contigency table and multiply and divide columns.
It's been ages so look it up in Wiki. Didi you know that Student, of the Student T distribution, worked as a statititititian or something for Arthur Guiness in Dublin? Cheers, me bhoy!!
google can provide you with chi square table in which you just need to insert certain info and the website will calculate for you. google up "qui square table" or something of that nature..

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