What does my dream mean?

i had a dream that a guy asks me out at christmas when i am seventeen which i'm not yet but we end up talking then getting together but then on my eighteenth birthday he asks me to marry him. I'm confused as i don't know what it means.

ME thinks that you are dreaming what you really deep down want.
It doesn't mean anything. A dream is a dream, period.
Dreams don't have meanings. They express hopes... fears... Any thing you're thinking subliminally. It doesn't MEAN anything... You're not GOING to meet someone, it's not like you can see into the future..
I think it may mean that you are feeling pressured to have a boyfriend, but you don't feel that you are ready. Or, if you are talking to a guy, you may feel like he is moving too fast.
The only thing that I could think of was that you had this dream maybe because you think about finding the man of your dreams one day alot?? If you think about it alot then you will tend to have dreams about it.
you want to marry someone
Are you a virgin? If yes great, the dream can mean something, if you are not a virgin you are just being a ***** again
You are working on deep unresolved conflicts with your mother..
You're anxious to grow up and eighteen is considered a milestone in the process. Marriage is still an ideal for many young women and it symbolizes the arrival of maturity and adulthood.

As your sense of self and your feminism develop, you may be the one who asks the boy for marriage in your future dreams...
despite Freudian beliefs there isn't a dream encyclopedia. the meanings of dreams are all based on your emotions, experiences, fears and desires. the significance of being asked out by a guy can be vast it depends on how you are feeling or what kind of problems you are having. many psychological researchers believe that dreams are your minds way of subconsciously filing information. so the only one who can reveal the dreams meaning is yourself.
It means that you are unsure of what to do as a 17 year old. You haven't experienced that year yet and it seems very vague as to what is required to be a successful 17 year old. Maybe you have heard too many stories about what other kids are doing at 17. You don't have to do any of the off center things that you hear about. Concentrate on your school work and if you need some guidance, talk to your school counselor. Join a youth club with a large church... ask around until you hear of a good one. Get involved with music lessons. If you can play a tune or two for Christmas next year on the keyboard, you will enjoy the holiday so much more. Do some volunteer work for your local hospital, senior citizen center, or some other good organization. You are going through a time of change. Hang on! Dreams main reason is preparing the brain for the unknown and unexpected. It is normal and you will be fine. I did the same thing when I was your age and hey.. I didn't get married until I was 23 yrs old. Out of college and working.. and I only knew the guy in my dreams as being in my History class.. He was not a boyfriend ever.!

dreaming is toys of life...sometimes dream are had clue what up next of ur life

wishful dream
Its only a dream,maybe you want to start dating.

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