Have you had a complete change of career?

I was a chef for 13 years, then I gave it up and went to university, did a degree in photography, now I work with people with learning disabilities, I was 29 when all the changes started, the best decision I ever made.
How old were you when you made the change?
What was the motivation for the change?
What did you do and what do you do now?
Was it the right choice?

I'd done retail, customer service work from the age of 19 up until 2 years ago when I was 34. I hated it and wanted desperately to do something that allowed me to help people in a way that isn't so much about customer service, but humanitarian related. For the longest time I'd wanted to work for Heifer Project Internat'l, but was rejected twice so, when I saw an ad for a position at a local university working in the library, I applied for it and got it. I found that it fit my personality so much better and was much happier than at my previous job in banking. I'm an alumni of the university and I am currently back in school planning to pursue a Master's in either Library Science or Spanish. What a cool question!
No, the only major change I had was changing from being a boy in boys clothes to being a boy in girls clothes, does that count?
aged 29, depressed, boring office job, child protection social worker, absoloutely the right choice
Machinist - Tool and die maker until Bill Cinton, with the help of a republicrat congress, sold all those jobs to the Chinese.

Now I am an architectural designer.

Nader '08!!!
From sales to nursing.
Psychiatric support worker to Library Assistant; though you'd be suprised how similar the two jobs are!
I worked for Post Office Counters for 24 years and woke up to the fact that i'd had enough abuse from the public and in 2003 i moved to Spain. Am now back home in old blighty and work as a supervisor in a furniture warehouse which is a million miles away from being abused verbally...it's not a career move but so much more relaxing.
I was a cook for 20 years and now I am an office administrator for the past 3 years.
I was a club owner and a full time narcoman(drug addict) for about 13 years. Now I moved to a small village and do gardening.Am happy though.
i have applied for a football studies course in southapton solent uni , i was ready for it one year...one month to go to uni i ve change my mind , i call universities and ucas ..a lot of problems and changes after deadline , however now i am "already" student of uni of east london - computer networks profile...I think we are all in pursiut of happines , everyone gonna do what he really wants...we even dont know is it the right choise , but we never know unless we try.
I gave up my career as a Personnel Manager, a career I worked very hard for and did enjoy. I bought a pub and ran that for five years, I was 28 when I changed and the lifestyle change could not have been more different, but I absolutely loved it, tough though it was, and the hours were ridiculous. I only stopped because I got too ill to run it anymore and haven't worked since. If I ever make it back to employment, which I hope to do, even if only part time, I will have to have another change of career and do something with limited hours and responsibility in a very calm environment. Which totally goes against who I am when I work. It was the right choice at the time, I do not regret it at all. Good for you by the way, for following your dream and doing something so worthwhile and positive. God bless.
I spent years as a scientist then went for a stint in a call centre! What a stupid, idiotic move that was! Two years was all my sanity lasted; I saw the light and got out!

Now working as a scientist again!
Good question. To answer in sequence of the your questions. I was 55 when I made the change. The motivation for the change was they told me I had to retire. What I did was, I was a doctor and a renowned specialist in rare tropical diseases. I worked all over the world, very often in very hot steamy and humid places. (Sometimes I was lucky enough to work with some hot steamy and humid women as well.) It was an amazing, interesting and exciting life. What do I do now? I grow frigging tomatoes in Spain. (And can't remember the last time I saw a hot steamy and humid woman, LOL).

Was it a good choice. Well, it was forced on me - retirement age. I still do a bit of consultancy work, mainly in Equatorial Africa, but not for the international organisation I used to work for, I'm consulted directly by Health Authorities in the appropriate countries. My only problem now is, every time I have the chance to travel for work, I worry about leaving my frigging tomatoes unattended. How's that for sad, LOL
I had a really bad week work wise. I had started a new position at a local cable television office in the collections department. And had given my 2 week notice at the group home I work at in order to work closer to home. I started the new job last Tuesday, got laryngitis by Thursday. Was unable to make the necessary calls to allow me to remain employed at the cable office. Contacted my employer at the group home to see if I would still be able to work at the group home, only to be told my position has already been filled. So in the course of one week I have had 2 jobs, and lost both of them. Because I tried to better myself by giving adequate notice to my current employer and was forced to work at both jobs simultaneously. So if you ever have a chance to get a better job, don't worry about giving adequate notice, or you could end up like me. UNEMPLOYED!

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