US armed force question?

Is it true that you can overcome a lot of fears in the armed force? Answer from current enlistment or verterans only. Thanks.

Only a fool has no fear. But, the military can build confidence. What happens in military experience is a rattlement of your grove, your rut. Any significant alteration of environment and routines presents challenges that cause you to face your qualms and druthers and weaknesses. When we face new challenges and overcome them and adapt in successful, constructive ways, we grow more confident. In civilian life, we can tip-toe delicately around and avoid alterations by rationalizing / intellectualizing ourselves out of facing those challenges. Military life does not allow tip-toeing. In any environment and situation in which you MUST proceed into and through challenges, there is significant development of confidence. That same development, though, is even more meaningful when it is self-directed and not forced. But, for many people who initially lack the guts to lead courageous, self-directed lives, the military can jump-start their confidence development and they can then build upon that confidence in more meaningful, self-directed ways.
Yeh for the most part...It doesnt make you feel invincible but, Just watching some of the guys i went in with going from not even wanting to go on a roller coaster to jumping outta planes at 20,000ft..i was one of them.
I don't see how going into the service would make anyone overcome a fear. It may help you become a more resonsible person, and appreciate things more, but a deeply rooted problem or fear? I don't think so?

Whatever "fear(s)" you have right now, you need to confront, or see someone about.
YES! Your fears are gone in heartbeat! Trust me. They are things of past!
LOL. You don't have to enlist in the service to get over fears! Hell, go skydiving before you join the damn service! Most enlistees are average joes that maintain many of their personal fears long after boot camp. If you think having someone yell at you for 9 weeks(Army) makes you fearless, think again. Go whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, sky diving! Then, and only then, join the service. If you can't do these three things on your own, then forget it!

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