Women and girls only-please a sensitive question?

Hey, I have a probem, a big one. I am 25, and am still virgin, because I respect my culture and religion; but lately, I have started to feel a strong sexual desire, and I unluckily tried to deal with it by doing something, like ---on a pillow or something like that, which makes me feel so bad and deprived. I don't wanna do that but I find myself doing it, and I hate myself for that. How can I stop it? Thanks

sex is a natural thing, it's just that all these pornographic companies and websites have gave it a bad meaning in someways
were you masturbating? whats the big deal...its okay. a lot of people do it. sex isnt evil.you're 25 time to get out there and have sex. or get jmarried and have sex you;re only human and its okay to have those desires.
That's a tough one. I respect that you respect your culture but you still have feelings. You are in a hard situation. I would talk to a doctor. Start with your regular practioner or see a female if you feel more comfortable. They will help you sort out your feelings or direct you to someone who can.

I admire the fact that you have such a dediction to your culture and religion.
You are perfectly normal and should not "hate" yourself. Our parts are there for a reason and obviously you found a reason. Better not to engage in pre-marital sex because that may make you feel even MORE guilty than how you handle the situation now.
Do not feel bad honey, everyone, and I mean everyone, does it.
It's natural to want sex. Societies and religions have twisted some peoples' minds to believe it's something other than natural.

We are humans, created to eat and have sex. These are our primary functions for survival of the species. It's perfectly healthy to masturbate and have sex. And natural.

It's unnatural to deprive yourself of sex, humans are sexual creatures. This deprivation will interfere with your daily life and mental state.
To stop the sexual feelings, try taking your focus on something else like exercise or going for a long walk or hot bubble bath! Try to protect your virginity for the right time you'll be soooo proud of your self! Everything is mind over matter! If you don't mind it don't matter! Hahaha
When ever you decide to have sex it's okay its your right. Just remember to stay true to yourself!
You are one of the rare souls that was not effected until later to get these desires. It sounds like you need a husband and start a family. I don't know your religion, but most say to overcome sex desire one should have children (raise them to be God loving of course) otherwise you should pray for that desire to go away say the name of God such Krishna, Allah, Jehovah, Vishnu, etc. and fully surrender yourself to God. Drink Marjoram tea it is recommended for monks who are celibate. Try to absorb you mind in service to God and his holy name that is the best means.
masturbating is normal, most people do it some time in their life
I can totally understand that you need to respect your culture and religion. BUT, libido is a TOTALLY natural, normal thing that we all have. So, you can't and Shouldn't stop it. If you don't have a significant other, and you want to stay a virgin then fiine, there is nothing wrong with that, but masterbating is not bad, or wrong, and won't take away your virginity.

What you are feeling is totally normal. Don't let anyone tell you anything different. There are only a few things that humans HAVE to do, that is eat, go to the bathroom, and reproduce. We just happen to be the only species that has sex for enyjoyment, but we are really only here to reproduce.
Actually I like to think of it as part of nature. Don't worry is only natural.
Your a very normal, mature women. If you delusion yourself w/ the thought no-one else does this your very wrong. If this helps you keep your virginity for the right man than so be it. Be proud you are dedicated to your religion & culture, and if this helps you keep that tradition & faith, that's all that matters isn't it?
In my opinion there is no reason to hate yourself. Sex is a very normal part of life and our ability to comfort and to take care of our sexual needs with out doing something that would harm us is a good thing. I would rather take care of myself than go out into the street and have sex with just anyone because I was feeling the need. I think that learning to take care of our needs all of them is a part of maturing and growing as people. I hope that you understand that doing what you're doing is better than having a relationship before you're married if that's not what you want to do. Believe me there are a lot of people doing the same thing their just to ashamed to talk about it. Sex is not something to be ashamed about as long as we don't hurt ourselves or others and as long as we don't use it to manipulate people.

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