Is it easier to be an extrovert online?

Are you shy in reality, but online more expressive?

Definitely, I am naturally a very shy person. Online I really open because I'm can't see the other people and I have time to think about what I'm going to say.
YES. i never shout in really life....
i'm pretty much the same online as I am offline. I do think its easier to be the person you want to be online. Nobody can see you and they don't know you so you can type things and be someone else entrely on the web and the other persons don't know any better. Thats why we have old men philandereing and soliciting minors on the net now.
Of course it is. You don't have to look at the person you're talking to. You don't feel embarrassed if you make a mistake saying something, because chances are that you'll never see the total stranger you're talking to (at least on yahoo-answers) in real life.
Absolutely - it's easy to be expressive online because no one is looking at you and judging you. If others don't agree with what you say, it doesn't matter so much because you don't know them. You can be your "real" self or you can turn yourself into the person you wish you were. I don't mean claiming that you look like a supermodel or something - but you can have the sparkling personality you've always wanted.

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