Why all the internet cruelty?

Example: A young lady on youtube posted a vlog about her sickly beloved dog. 90% of the comments left were cruel, taunting, and just plain sick. Why do people feel the need to do this on the internet?

There's an unprecedented level of personal frustration in the Western world today. People are under personal, financial, social, political and emotional pressures and the constant barrage of bad news we're subjected to by the media doesn't help.

I think people just use the anonymity of the Internet to lash out and dump their frustrations and rage on others who can't respond.

The problem, in the long run, is that this lashing out doesn't really solve any of a person's problems. All it does is reinforce that anger and aggressiveness because there's no restraining balance of compassion.

Personally, I think it's really a sad commentary on our modern too-hi-tech world.
sad to say that there are a lot of people who chose to hate than extend love and kind understanding.
It's easier to be mean than to be nice. It's easier to be mean on the internet than mean to someone's face. It's easier to be tough behind a keyboard than tough without one.
because we live in a cruel world and the internet alllows people to say what they want because it is anonymous for the most part. You can't see them they just see you type of deal. Also, there are so many twisted people on the net I choose not to post pictures, or anything personal because of it.
It's sad, it's because people are bored and have nothing better to do then to make fun of people because theyre bored and lonely. they think that making other people feel bad would make them feel better.
they are just doing what people do best, be rude,
has nothing to do with the internet,, when was the last time you helped a old lady cross the road or visited a old age home just to sit and visit with our senior members of society
Because on the Internet, nobody knows exactly who you are unless they know you in real life, so you can say or do anything without having to face consequences. Bouncing off of that, because the Internet is a huge void and you don't know everyone, some people think they need to feel more secure by looking down on others and insulting them.
This is the way most americans have been raised...Do you watch TV? If so you know what TV shows us...But do this. Goto youtube and type in stoning...look for the humanitarins in Israel..you will see some 10 year olds stoning some other palistinian 10 year olds... when the humanitarins intervine the kids start stoning them...love is in the individual..even though the little jew children hate everyone the xtian humanitarians care for both the pal and the jew and themselves...its a good video about compassion and hate.why are we hatefull online? same reason those kids in the video were...because they could get away with it...nobody has told them that its not healthy to hate.
it's an anonymous forum. most people think that when they're anonymous they can say and do as they please. It's kind of like -- if you find a wallet, do you keep the money if no one is looking? etc...
guaranteed anonymity turns cowards into bullies
Because they are mentally ill and suffering from great emotional pain so they get some relief by flinging their evilness anywhere they can get away with it. They know that, in reality, society would kick their *** if they behaved that way in public, so they hide behind a computer screen and lash out at others while they remain anonymous and don't have to suffer the consequences of their stupid mouth.

It helps to report them. Yahoo is really good about removing comments and/or questions which are offensive. Unlike AOL, who doesn't really care about its members, they only want their money. I encourage more people to report offensive comments.
I always thought the same thing. I think it's because it's their only chance to be tough with out getting beat up/sued. For example; look in women's studies. Most the questions/answers are down grading women and just plain hateful and nasty. In real life these men (referring to the women's study) probably are virgins or they don't admit to their women how they truly are.
Because no-one knows who they are so they can say what the want.
Well, Because people suck!!
many people are gruel ,they joy there self's by mack SAM one angry or by see SAM one in neat.this people are not to be in the Internet,they just evil hum man beans

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