How can I be more aggresive?

I long to be aggresive and hard like a gangster, a bit like Tony Montana played by Al Pacino in Scarface.

I want to make grown men cry with fear and p*ss their pants. I'm sick of being gentle and humble and missing out on promotions and life's chances. I wan't people to respect me.

No u don't want to be more aggresive. The fact is either u scare people or u don't now. U can't change that. And why the heck would u want to be a gangster. SO u can get shot and killed for being a poser. COme on kid get serious!
I understand how you feel. But scaring people isnt going to get you what you want either. Try being assertive- speak up when you know something is right- have an opinion but dont be obnoxious about it. Being a go getter isnt the same as being a maniac. Dont be a pushover- stand your ground. Everything can be done in moderation..Rambo style might land you in jail!
You would make a rotten bully, so plan to build inner confidence so that you don't fear confrontation. It's a slow process - takes a bit of an an effort - but worth it in the end.
trust me dont act gangsta people will start calling you a try-hard etc...just start saying no to things that you dont like other people doing. with promotions go for it dont let others get in and get it b4 you. put your hand up first and call out. it's what everyone else does..girls like guys who arnt scary so i dont recomend "want to make grown men cry with fear and p*ss their pants" no matter how scary you wanna be. for people to respect you put your foot down and make people see your serious.. if you want the last donut take it b4 the other guy does ok shittyy example but you see it i think lol welll the point anyways xoox
Drink half a fifth of Seagrams 7.
You can start by changing your picture, watch Scarface many times over to get down all his mannerisms ,practice saying "say hello to my little friend" in an italian accent and act insane, people will fear you.
With that attitude your going to get beat up, punked or fired even if you do get tuff or pissed, because there is always somebody tuffer out there or meaner than you. So be yourself but learn how to say no or ask for what you want, be aggressive but not insulting. Nobody likes an a-hole
I personally think you shouldnt be that way because whatever you do to another person will also come back on you ten times worst than what you did to them so be careful instead of sorry.simple
believe me i tried that..i had the exact same problem...i changed and became the exact guy u wanna be but u know what ? I HATED MYSELF and lost confidence cauz i became the guy ppl hate...then i finaly found the solution for respect .sometimes now ppl even tremble when they talk to me...uknow why ? cauz i became a more hardworking person>> then i became a better respected person>> so i became a more respectable person>> now im more loved and ppl feel inferior...i feel happy, succesefull and thanked god that i didnt use the defence mechanism that u wanna use...cauz u just dnt need it...its the easier way and ends up always if ur sick of missing out life chances just use that anger to work more once u do ull gain more confidence ;) so start NOW to build a connection btween work and satisfaction i want u to feel good everytime u work
and feel bad every time u waste time
LOL,,,,so you are a girly man and want to put some hairs on your marble sack?

Go to the gym, lift weights, act like your ** doesnt stink. Walk around like you know everything, like your da man, and nobody can tell you otherwise. Granted some people will think your cocky.(i get told this sometimes) but let me tell you...Chicks LOVE a guy with confidence.and you dont have to be a total d.ick either.

If its more of a chemical thing with your body.take Androsteine...its legal and you can get it at any workout suppliment store. This pill will change your attitude, trust me.
Its makes you have a tougher attitude, but you will get angry more. ..and it helps with your workouts!

Lets face it, being nice to others just gets the ** thrown in your face, you get backstabbed, and your labeled as weak. I used to be in your shoes...when i was waayyyy young. Change your look, change your attitude, and show people you dont just deserve respect you demand respect.

When you speak, speak clearly, speak loud, look people straight in the eye when you talk...Thats confidence. Stand up straight, dress sharp, be in style. If your fat, go lose weight. Be the guy you want to be...but dont be a gangster...those guys are ghetto bitches who live on welfare and have 20 babies who commit crimes.
Make small changes for big results. Wear dark clothes and avoid anything casual. Go for dark, sharp and hard. Wear sun glasses or dark tinted glasses. Your eyes often give you away, so keep them hidden until you know what to do with them. When confronted without your glasses on, make direct eye contact and hold it. Don't shift your eyes. Shut up. Say as little as possible and use short answers. Say yes with a small nod. Say no with a long blink while moving your head to one side. Keep it short and move on.

Try this for a week and let us know how it works. Then it's on to lesson two.

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