Can the mind be separated from the brain?

There is no conclusive evidence for the survival of the mind beyond the body. However there is a lot of evidence that shows the mind as an integral function of the brain. IE damage to the brain destroys aspects of the mind. and malformation of the brain in development leads to fucntional restrictaions in the processing of the mind.

I therefore would say the mind cannot be separated from the brain.
I think mine was separated at birth!
like when someone is brain dead
your mind...your thinking and memories are intangible
The mind is a product of the brain.
Only in the abstract method of symbiotic representation. The spirit within that mind, the personality of that individual needs the mind to analogically define the impulses refracting within the brain. The activity of reflectivity needs the brain to analogically represent objective reality thus refracting disonate order acording to its many refractive characters.
For example: you would not be able to reflect these words were it not for the refracting of the stimulous caused by the external phenomenon of this message. And your brain would not have a reflective activiy responding in its own creative form.
yes. take daydreaming for example. all your attention is focused on what your daydream is, not on what is happening to your body.
the brain like an eye or ear or nerve, are just parts of a machine.
the mind, like a piece of art can be something fantastic or something terrible maybe?
The study of damage to the brain has shown definite correlation for injury to particular areas of the brain to changes in the person's thinking process. Complete changes to a person's attitudes, abilities, and reactions can occur. I would say NO, the mind cannot be separated from the brain.
This is a constantly recurring topic in philosophy. Sometimes referred to as the 'mind/brain dichotomy, it seeks to establish whether the mind and brain are two separate entities ('Dualism') or parts of the same entity.

On the physiological side, scientists have long tried to pin down where exactly the 'mind' is - if, indeed, it's a separate 'thing.' It appears that the mind MUST be inside the brain, because if you cut off most of a person's body, leaving them alive, they can still think.

However, when they have tried to follow thought impulses inside the brain to where they emanate from, the impulses have been lost every time.

A puzzle indeed!
yes.look up astral projection.

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