Am I paranoid?

I keep think my wife is doing things to make me not want to be with her anymore. But am I just crazy like she tells me?

I think you are and to stop that, ask your wife straight and she will answer you.

Make sure that you trust her, be sensitive and be happy.
Never listen to someone else who's telling you you are crazy. Think about it. If that's how you feel then that's how it is.
You might have reasons to think that, and so does she, may be because your realtionship is not open to a degree where you can just walk up to her and say, "Babe, what the hek are you doing right now?"
it depends what is she doinG? if she's doing things that she and you know that you dont like and is extremely concious of what shes doing then yes but if its things that your just assuming and she doesnt have the slightlest clue then BLAH ur crazy ;o)
Probably not! If she stops caring about her appearance when she is with you then she probably doesn’t care about you anymore. If she is dressing down, wearing less makeup, and neglecting her hair (more than before) when she is with you, then she is probably cheating on you.
Crazy people never know they're crazy.
what sort of things? i need details to tell you whether or not youre crazy...

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