What are your weird phobias and fears?

load sudden noises
the darkness by myself
people with bad teeth
driving in the rain and snow at night
Driving over bridges...I have to roll down the windows. As soon as a bridge is in sight, I get a visual of some jackass clipping me, and my car going of the side. Drowning and burning are the only ways I fear dying.
i'm afraid of birds
Loosing someone
Becoming blind
Becoming deaf
High places
Drunk people
i don't have it, nor do i know anyone that has it.

but i've read that 'fear of having peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth' is an official phobia. thats the most bizzare one i've heard about.
Swimming in the ocean and dark lakes, And fish.
I'm afraid I'll get some weird disease that no one will know how to treat.
I'm afraid of dying.
I'm afraid of hobos.
I'm afraid of creepers looking in my window at night.
I'm afraid of getting murdered.
I'm afraid to see my little brother grow up.
I'm afraid of the "real world" outside college.
I'm afraid of committing and getting married.
I'm afraid of getting old.
I'm afraid to lose my parents.
I'm afraid of soccer moms.
I can't remember what it's called, but there is a phobia of thinking about, seeing or having an erect penis.
Other than that, all i can think of i phoba-phobia the fear of fear itself.
I'm a little concerned with the blatant stupidity of others, (not ignorance, mind you. That can be benign). I'm talking self-imposed, should-f*$#@ing-know-better STUPIDITY!! That stuff gets people killed.
I try to avoid making left turns onto a street, especially in high traffic areas.

I don't like driving in the rain at night, have a hard time seeing the lines. I also do not like to drive when it is snowing.

I do not respond well to people in authority, like supervisors. I don't think they have my best interests in heart, or any where else, and I question how they got where they are, but I hope to write a book on that one. ;)
i don`'t have fobias .. mmm or yes maybe the snakes.
people scratching

people wiping their noses and then asking to borrow a pencil or a book

anyone who is sick (could also be called a fear of germs0

ALL bugs

the dark

horror movies/stories



anything scary

being left out

not looking at a mirror

fruit (not juice though)

handling raw meat

animals (looking from a distance is ok)



people who are very self-assured and have talent to back it

global warming

pollution (e.g. secondhand smoke)

strangers in general


in general to many things to list completely

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