When is everyone going to realize my awesomeness?

WHOA! It just dawned on me! You are so cool! COOL, COOL, COOL! You are on fire! Everybody should be like you! Wow, you're awesome!
u r awesome!!
I knew it from the start... I read it on the bathroom wall.
everyone? probably never, sorry to disappoint.
When you no longer are asking questions
when you stop bragging about it! Get over yourself!
I'm glad you brought this up because we've been meaning to tell you that we are simply too awed by your awesomeness to let you know how very awesome you truly are.
When you let me videotape you in the shower, creepy grin, creepy grin.
when you stop talking about it.
When you can beat me at pool or cribbage, or fly a hot-air balloon better than me.

There's some other guidelines but I'm married and this is a family forum.
As soon as you have introduced yourself to every one.

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