I need to write a 3 page psychology paper on one of the subfields of psychology and relate it to my future profession which is forensic science and also explain how it could help me better understand my future profession.

So far I did some research and found some facts on my profession and on the subfield of psychology I think is best which is forensic psychology. The information includes, what they are and what someone with that proffession would do at their job. With this information I am having trouble putting it all together and am especially having trouble starting my paper I am not that good at writing introductions.

So can anyone please help me get started and give me some ideas on how I should approach writing this paper.

I'll tell you a secret trick: most people who're good at writing papers write the introduction last! Or they write one first, write the paper, then toss the original introduction and write a new one!

Remember, the introduction is meant to lead the reader into the text, tell them what to expect and how it is organized - and you can best do that after you actually have the paper to work with. :)

So, start with the first section AFTER the introduction - which should be a definition of forensic psychology, followed by an explanation of forensic psychologists do - first an abstract explanation, then one or two concrete examples.

In the next section, talk about how this relates to your chosen field, and which things that forensic psychologists could be applied to your work.

In the conclusion, briefly summarize of what you said, including a one-sentence version of what your result is - something along the lines of "Forensic psychology can be very useful to a forensic scientist because..."

THEN, you write the introduction. Something like: "Psychology is closely linked to forensic science because ... . The field of forensic psychology is especially important, as it is... . After a brief introduction to forensic psychology and the work of forensic scientists, I'm going to argue that forensic psychology could be very helpful for ... in the following way ... "

P.S.: Don't forget to cite your sources!
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