Am I at risk for developing multiple personalities, or schizophrenia?

I have a good side and a bad side to me. The good side is an excellent student, ambitious, strong, etc. The bad side is lazy, procrastinating, destructive, and seemingly only concerned with destroying me.Last night, i had a particularly low moment, and a train of though led me to call out this bad side for the first time and identify it with a name. "That's the bad side that wants to see you go down in a blaze of fury, don't let *her* take you down" and all of a sudden, I felt able to conquer this bad side, and i accomplished alot. I felt like if i keep telling myself that *she's* trying to see me fail, and that *I* am better than that, that i could overcome these bad traits that have overshadowed me for years. Though today, I got worried, by calling this side a *her* am i developing multiple personalities? I am not hearing voices, nor hallucinating and seeing people/things that are not there. I am extremely depressed, have been for years, and until this little revelation, I never

What you describe is definitely not schizophrenia. And generally Dissociative Identity Disorder (used to be called multiple personality) requires some serious and repetitive trauma at an early age.It sounds more like you have a somewhat normal duality, and for some reason you decided to name the traits you do not like in yourself. It does not sound like DID, but counseling may still be a good idea. It is very likely that you are battling the cognitions (thoughts) that are maintaining your depression. There is a type of therapy (individual systems) that does therapy in a similar fashion. Perhaps someone in your area is familiar with this type of therapy, it sounds like it may work for you. Even if not, see a Cognitive-Behavioral therapist. They will address your cognitions.
you should really look into counseling. It's best to get checked up A.S.A.P because if you do have a disorder, it can get worse with time.
you have already provided the answer to your own question . you are depressed . i think that should be enough to satisfy your desire for a label . now go and see a doctor about this problem and either cure it or control it .
I agree with guy 1, get checked asap, and maybe you could check into bipolar... Like when your really mad and really happy at the speed of flicking on a light switch.
It sounds like you're trying to use a psychological ploy in which you deny that all the "bad" aspects of your character don't belong to you, but to some other person or personality. In reality, we all have good and bad sides to our characters and a mature, healthy person recognizes this and simply moves on with the business of living, trying the best he or she can.

Schizophrenia is a biochemical disorder of the brain that frequently results in delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, and difficulty in thinking coherently. It is NOT a "split personality", contrary to what Hollywood makes most people think.

"Multiple Personality Disorder" (or Dissociative Identity Disorder, as it is now officially called) is extremely rare and there are some very good reasons to believe that it doesn't exist. There's good reason to believe that people with Multiple Personality Disorder are just acting that way to please therapists or psychiatrists who believe in such a diagnosis. Even if it is real, it is something that, theoretically, you would see only in people who have been subjected to extreme physical, sexual, or psychological abuse.

The one thing that does seem clear in your post is that you're somewhat troubled. The best way to deal with this is to talk with a mental health professional, preferably one who exmphasizes talking over medication.

Good luck to you.
I think we all try to blame "the bad person" once in a while. Usually multiple personality disorder is found only in the sexually abused. You do, however, sound depressed and anxious. Call your local mental health agency and schedule an appointment. Their fee is based on income if you need to keep your expenses down. If not call a local Psychiatrist they are much better at prescribing Rx. than a regular Dr.
Your only downfall may be seperating yourself from your qualities that you don't appreciate. People are dynamic, multi-faceted individuals and what qualities are "good" or "bad" is all subjective. Acknowledging your weaknesses is actually a sign of strength, you are recognizing aspects of yourself that are either helpful or harmful. From there you make the decision to work with or against these qualities, but that doesn't mean you should reject a certain trait as "not me." Acknowledge your lazy, procrastinating traits as a part of you, but seek to strengthen your industrious and hard working traits as well.

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