,is there any one on this site that would consider,?

their self angry . lash out at everyone hates life are you big enough to admit it??

Regardless of the previous answer, I think this is a legitimate question. We all have vast amounts of anger within us. However, being the social creatures we are, we have been taught to suppress this anger or adapt it to more creative outlets. Some people play Wagner on the piano or paint wild abstract "things" to rid themselves of their anger.

I have Bipolar I disorder. I admit I have serious anger issues and sometimes it takes over my rational being. While I'm ranting and raving there is a part of me aware of it and I hate myself for behaving this way. It may range from sarcasm meant to destroy someone's feelings to road rage to bringing up every ugly past incident in a relationship with the intention of creating guilt on the other person's part. I take meds for my disorder, but they're not always effective. I resent my brain for making me this way, but I have to remind myself this is only one part of me.

I haven't been doing well this past week so I do hate life right now. I know it will change eventually--I don't know for how long--but when it does I will appreciate the good moments more for having been such a hateful person.

That's just who I am. I'm not happy with myself, but I do try to anticipate the mood swings and curb my tongue and be grateful I'm not physically violent. I apologize to the people I hurt or offend, but I won't apologize for having some legitimate angry feelings. People who don't acknowledge they have their own brand of anger are either liars or are saints channeling their answers through some of the people here on YA!
i get angry at times...but i really do try not to lash out at other people but sometimes i get really pissed...
Don't project your psychopathology onto all of us. We will not aid in your rationalizing you self hatred and anger.

Have a nice day!

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