Is it pssible for a man to love a man and a woman at the sametime?

...esp. if he's startin with both (few months). My straight male friend whom I started a silent/ unacknowledged/ relationship with (I'm an Indian man). He acted as if he is deeply involved. Then I found out about a girl in his office he was really in love with. He denied it for sometime then indirectly accepted. He gave her preference over me, but said it was bcoz he knows her before he met me and meets her daily for 6 hours. But he still hinted he cares for me and wants to keep me too. We talked about all this indirectly.
Is it such luv possible? His love for me seemed genuine. But he seemed very emotional about his girl. I dont know if it is because of the social value attached to male-female relationships that makes him value her more or the fact that he seldom saw me, but met her daily for hours in close proximity or is he naturally inclined more towards women. Isnt it deception on his part to keep me in dark.And her.
I left him as I cudn't share him. but i still love and miss him

It is not the matter of loving man and woman at the same time, it is the matter of loving two human beings at the same time, and is it possible ... To me, your lover loves only himself, and you did the right thing to leave him, although it will hurt a while. But you sound like an emotional and caring person to me, and I am positive that you are going to meet someone who loves you deeply and with sincere commitment. To me, love is always connected with honesty, and your previous lover was cheating both on you and on his girlfriend, so move on ...
I think it is possible.
anything's possible in today's society!
I hope not. That is seriously disturbing.
if you never were going to have him for yourself .. let him go. it's better to hurt once, than over and over.
maybe he favored the girl because he isn't ready to come out yet ...
if youre male, how exactly is a straight male friend in a relationship with you?

I dont think its possible to love more than one person at a time in a true and romantic way.

I cant really explain why, exactly... but think of it like this at the very least. If two other people are in the equation then you will be forced to weight them against each other... you will have a preference. But true romantic love is should be infinite and undying. If you cant decide which to love and which to reject then you dont love either truly... you only lust or have platonic love or romantic infactuation that will wear off when you find someone better.
maybe it's possible..hitting two birds with one stone...
i don't know,but i doubt it,maybe Obsession,or something weird
he can be a bi-sexual
and everythng is posible in todyas world
Yes, it is possible for people to love two people at the same time. But there comes a time that they have to usually decide upon one, unless you agree upon an open relationship.
This is miscel. A note to those who're answering :this question:

It is not his bisexuality that confuses or bothers me. Most men including myself) in India, where there are no sexual idenitities have bisexual feelings and many act on them too.

Rather, what bothers me is if he can love two people at the sametime? I cannot comprehend this. If I love someone, I cannot think about another person. I was being extremely loyal to my friend, and it really broke my heart that he can even think about someone else and break my trust.

For me bisexual feelings would mean that I can choose to be involved with either a boy or a girl but not both at the sametime. I also think it is possible to love a girl and just have fun with the guy. But to love both, that is difficult to understand.

Is it biologically possible to love too people at the sametime? or is he decieving one of us, me I guess? I was being very possessive and When I told him I'm leaving he should have been happy. Instead he tried to stop me?

Had he told me in the beginning that he was also courting a girl )he met us both at around the sametime... I would never have allowed myself to fall in love with him.

While he was cheating on me, he himself was extremely possessive about me. He got very upset when I brushed past a girl on the train. He would be jealous of other men touching me as well.

Isn't it unfaithfulness and lack of integrity ----- that he knew how it pains to share someone you love, but still went ahead with two-timing. How can he expect loyalty and not give it in return.

And I think he deceived the girl more than me, for she is his first/ main love. Although as far as I know the girl is only playing with him.
Men belong with women as mates and not other men. Let them both go have a normal life. Get some help, and go find you the right woman.
yes it is possible love 2 people at the same time but you will love one more than the other .

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