When I have a lucid dream, what should I first do?

Play around, try and fly, talk to people...imaginary people, or try and find something unique in my sub-conscious world? Any ideas?

Just explore and enjoy, if you don't like where it leads, just remember you can will it to change.
hmm you know what i would eat delicious food :D haha
dont talk to imaginary people have a conversation with ur sub-concious
when i lucid dream I always try to fly first because that is just the coolest **** ever. If I'm not flying I'm using acting like some girl gone wild on spring break and that is usually pretty entertaining for me also. heheheh :) but no for real..you should fly, or do things that you don't have the courage to do in real life because then you see how things may really play out and discover that it will be ok, I always like that feeling when I wake up. It is empowering
enjoy it. I try to keep mine into the day.
travel into past or future,
try to eat a wall or something that´s not usual to eat - explore how it tastes,
try to eat yourself ;-),
transform yourself into an animal or become a fish and explore the sea,
clone yourself,
enter into TV,
be a witness of historical events,
talk to your pet,
talk to yourself as a child - and find out how your mind changed - this is very interesting one, it could make you contemplate for hours

Enjoy it!!

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