Why are so many people rude or mean on answers?

is there a lot of angst going around? or are most people in the world insensitive jerks

It takes all types.. there are the jokers who make mockery of any problem you put to them, making it into a big joke, then there are the types who sincerely try to answer the questions, and of course there are the ones who log on just to add to your woes. such people are everywhere!! I guess you got to take the good with the bad and if possible, educate them, or weed them out!!
Please ignore them. It takes all sorts to make a world
People are just jerks and they think they're funny.
I think some people just get frustrated when they keep seeing the same questions over and over and over again. For instance, I've already answered this particular question 3 times today.
Why! dumb dumb!
most people who surf the net may be insensitive; however, there are still a good amount of people who try to help. ignore the jerks because they're just obese and probably sitting around their computer thinking that they're all great and everything
First off,
Most people are just self centered and they don't care about anyone but them selves! They are not really looking to help you, Only piss you off to get a reaction out of you, "For there own stupid minded amusements."
People who are rude in answering serious questions are cowards with no self esteem. They are encouraged by the anonymity of this site to say things that they wouldn't dare say to a person's face. Don't give them the satisfaction of letting them know that it bothers you. It just encourages them.
people treat each other like **** b/c we've all been hurt in one way or another and don't know how to handle that anger that we hold to ourselves. others are simply jerks b/c they have no manners, they want to feel superior to others, or b/c they feel that being nice is too much...but just try to ignore them and not be one of those "insensitive jerks."
I think a lot of them are using YA as a recreational rant.

It is scarey to see what they write and how they display their true character.

You'll see a lot of valuable answers too so just brush off the others and don't let it get to you. Report them if they are violating Community Guidelines.
I think people like being anonymous and are able to "blow off steam" without offending people that they have to live with. Same reason tourist go into a foreign country and act in ways they would never act at home.you got it you B@#*% just kidding.
Because they just want to post something to get points. They probably think that FunQA.com is a competition or something. Also because they can. They wont say the things they say here out on the streets. They would probably get into a load of crap if they did.
well people write their opinion's and its your choice to take them or not. you do not have to freak out about it because you control what you believe/want to hear. so just let people be people and you just worry about yourself
I guess, one of the main-reasons is the anonymity of the internet. Most people wouldn't dare to be as rude in real life as on here. I also think, that some abuse the answering-form as a vent for their own aggressions and frustrations - I mean, it's sometimes hard to realize, that the other people posting here are as human as yourself, so it's "easier" to be rude and nasty than in real life.

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