When driving 50 mph, you're almost hit a man, what do you feel?

You're driving car 50 mph, then suddenly there's guy crossing the street without looking, you tried to brake, and you're almost hit him to die. What do you feel afterward?

This is really psychological question. Don't answer like for example: you feel that guy is stupid, etc. This is only one case, but it could be anything.

My question really about your feeling, and does it have connection to adrenaline? Do you feel stressed, or thrill, or even excited?

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Well, yes, you'd get a hit of adrenaline, which speeds up your heart, reflexes, and other stuff (sorry, I'm no expert here).

During, you'd have a rush of fear. When you realized you didn't actually hit him, most likely, you'd fee a strong rush of relief.

You might feel a rush of anger, instead.

Perhaps both (sort of flipping back and forth).

Adreneline intensifies whatever feeling you're feeling.

That's one reason for road rage. People are kinda pumped because driving is dangerous, and takes attention to a lot of things all at once.

When something p*ss*s them off, they feel the anger more strongly than they ordinarily would.
I feel bad.cuz that person is cursing me out in his or her head like I used to when I was a pedestrian dodging reckless drivers.
i would feel really bad, or maybe just like "that was close" or maybe sad that i didn't see him and sould have been more care full
i would feel like: wow i should have seen that guy", or like "he probably hates me
I would think I'd be more prone to get a bang out of it and become a serial vehicular murderer.:)

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