When a woman tells you she already has a partner?

say for example a little child of opposite sex gives you something to an adult, would this imply that the child wants a "serious" relationship? now taking taking that perception into consideration..

when i told a girl i know from work i got her a chinese new year gift when i was oversea's as a friendly gesture, she told me she already has a partner? i told her it was a new years gift not a valentines day gift so im not sure where the partner thing came from. she has not replied back.

if i was a child would she say that, not likely because a serious relationship is not in her mind of thought.

was i a "potential partner" to her at some stage for her to even have the thought of a "serious" relationship?

maybe you are a 'potential partner'. does she have this belief like, if you accepted a gift from someone, you are accepting his heart. another thing, maybe she was afraid of her partner being jealous over that gift you wanted to give. one simple gift can cause a huge thunderstorm. you don't want that, do you?
thats wierd
i think she was just being polite and letting you know she was spoken for already so that you would not keep buying her things
I think, since she is a little girl, that her perception of "partnership" is different. She feels partnership can be expressed towards anyone of the opposite sex that is kind to her, or exhibits behaviors resembling those she's picked up as 'partner' gestures. You may have been a "potential partner" at some point to her, if you showed any sign of affection that she might have misread as love. (i.e giving her a present.) She may have a kid her age she considers as a partner now, or another adult for that matter. Little kids make mistakes, it's a given. She must be a bit confused as to what a "partner" is.
well, some girls are like that, I think this one has a bit of an ego problem and not many friends, but never mind that, girls are keen on interpreting "signs" from men, so it's inevidable that they get some things wrong. she probably thaught you were hiting on her, so she was a bit insulted by your reply that it was only friendly, that's why she never replied. anyway, who cares? don't dwell on it, it's not that important.

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