Why are babies so cute and do they dream?Do babies talk to each other in their own language?

When babies want to say something it sounds like gah gah gu gu and as they grow older they are taught or just through listening they learn their mother tongue but is it that they have their own language like gah gah gu gu ?

No, babies don't have their own language, they are just making sounds that are the easiest for them to make and we in turn interpret this as language. The four easiest sounds for babies to make are baba, dada, mama, and papa. In most language these words or variations of them are used as the baby words for mother and father. For instance, the word for father is papa in French, dada in English and baba in Arabic. As adults, we are so eager for babies to talk that we reinforce these ideas. Babies don't talk to one another. Twins are known to create their own language, but it is usually a variation of their own mother tongue and unconnected to baby talk

As for the first question, yes babies dream. Science has shown that if people don't dream they go mad. In fact, not only do human dream, but so do animals. Watch a dog sleep, sometimes they bark or snarl in their sleep because they're dreaming of doing chasing rabbits of something.
No. But they dream and if they dont look stright at you they see things we cant see..like angles.
most living creatures on earth create some sort of sound for attention. baby language is probably not as sophisticated and complex as adult language (eg english) but they are certainly trying to communicate - most of the time we have to check if they are hungry, need nappy changing or is tired. but the baby is saying hey i need attention.
I really do think that they can communicate with eachouther. put 2 babies next to eachouther. they do seen to know.
They are just learning to use their bodies, so it's not really some sort of secret language.

Although I'm sure that if they came with subtitles they would say "Oh god, it's HIM again! Go away and bring the one with the boobs!"
Babies are cute to bring out maternal instincts in people. If a baby looked hideous you would be less inclined to nurture it (yes it is true).

Yes babies dream and a lot to stimulate brain growth.

Not that i know of! I doubt it as they are just gaining the functions of their body.
A baby's "language" is simple. Essentially at our earliest age we act like dogs when it comes to words, and conveying feelings. We recignize tone. Our speaking is generic and is used to convey what we want. As children our "id" functions. The id is our "drive" it tells us "I want this, and now". And since we can't get it ourselves, we make noises to attract the attention of others, then they help us get what we want. Babies can dream, its just that what they dream, is incoherent nonsense. Dreams are memories, thoughts, and repressed items, that are twisted into a "false memory". Since the "memory" part of a child isn't specific and does a basic recording of everything, a dream would be jumbled.

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