What kind of things would you like your house to have/look like/colours etc in the interior??

some like movie posters, others want a whole wall devoted to their memorabilia. i generally like the colour green - just wondering what everyone else likes should finance not be the issue. anything specific you would love to have?

I would love to have two partition glass wall:
one with ants and the other with fishes.
A tree in the middle of the house.
An convertible roof, maybe glass roof.
I would like to come home and start giving orders to my appliances, like prepare my coffee, fill the bath, play my favourite songs.
A artist studio.
A cinema.
A house.
My girlfriend's bras, under wares, in different colures displays as interior and some maybe must be in metal.
Do something that is YOU. Something you can JUSTIFY as being uniquely you. Show WHO you are. Even if it's a bit silly, stupid, or corny. Be YOU. Let yourself see yourself. I too like green. My house has original art in it and a few art prints that I absolutely love. I am an art teacher. I love ceramic plates so much that I would buy them all, so, at my home, I have glass plates, cause deciding on plates would be too difficult.
hrm.. a nice really modern house.. mainly white inside, I like lots of white in a house, never not in fashion, so timeless and classic! =]

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