Is there any explanation for this, i dont like to bend to pressure ?

but i am lazy to work out myself, and most often i end up asking for help, with whom i havent talked for long.
if they readily help, i feel unfortable, for not talking for long.
i dont have any friends for being isolated.
is this a problem.?

Yes. They call that anti social behaviour. This advice you ask isn't for advice. It's for the attention to another human being. Now as far as following advice, I think there you wont do that since it requires coming out of your comfort zone. So the help you can get will cost you about $200 an hour and perhaps worth every penny of it. If you don't you might as well enjoy for as long as the site shall live.
What you may want to consider is to place exercise in your daily routine on a limited basis, lets say 20-30 minutes during your favorite TV show. Do something that you can do in your living room or bed room alone. Look at your lack of flexibility as a conditioning problem. Change is slow for some people.

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