Is schizophenia the most extrime form of mental illness?

No, schizophrenia is most certainly not the most extreme form of mental illness.

In fact, due to the complex interactions of different illnesses with different personalities in various situations, choosing one mental illness as being the worst would be nearly impossible. However, Anti-social Personality Disorder can be one of the most serious mental illnesses, as it leads to what is commonly referred to non-professionally as "psychopathic behavior."
having schizphrenia with a comorbid disease is worse. let's say you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, well if you ALSO have BIPOLAR and AVOIDANT PERSONALITY DISORDER, well that's a helluva lot worse than just having schzophrenia. so, just by itself it's difficult but prob. not the WORSE.
it depends on how severe your case is. the medication helps tremendously though..
Well, on the basis that it is the disease that most cuts you off from reality, it certainly causes the most life problems. Some diseases are equally painful to the person afflicted, like severe depression, bipolar disorder, etc., but schizophrenia is the one that interferes the most with normal functioning.
Schizophrenia - the people who have is are amazing ..
yes it is bad and also seeing things thanking something is crawling on you have a feeling someone is always watching you and see every move, i would say it is bad.
The most extreme mental illness is psycopathic... Those are REALLY intelligent and DANGEROUS! Can kill anytimes!!
No, not to my way of thinking, at least those that suffer this, believe that what is happening is real and want to alter the way of things and make it better or to save others.
I know some one with the affliction, I have nothing but empathy for this person, this person means "no harm" even tho' we only hear of the ones that do harm.
I think the most extreme form of dis-ease, are those that have no conscience, those that cannot take the blame for their own actions, those that do harm for the sake of doing harm, and enjoy it.
A schizophrenic, does love, they take on what they see as the evil of our ways, and blame themselves for not being in a position to save us all. They carry the weight of world around on their shoulders. They suffer.
How would you feel if you really believed that filling up every sink in your house with water would keep the world in balance, just because the water level looked even? And if it did not look even would jack up the house to even out things and save the world.
Or that people on space missions died, just because they (the schizophrenic) didn't think of them, keeping them safe.

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