A humna animal eats a cow animal? Is that canibalism?

No that's not cannibalism.
If a cow ate a cow then that's cannibalism
duck eat a duck
Don't throw eggs in a chicken farm because they will eat their own eggs and that is cannibalism
no its not the same species
Only if you consider a cat who eats the mouse a cannibal.

It's called - The Food Chain
No. Cannibalism is eating a member of the same species. Humans and cows aren't even in the same family. According to the classification system for all living things, humans and cows share the same Kingdom (Animalia), Phylum (Chordata), and Class (Mammalia), which means that we are pretty far removed from cows on the evolutionary scale. Eating a member of the same kingdom, phylum, and class is not cannibalism.
Not by the usual definition.

It's a good point though. It is kind of weird how some of us do that.

Did you ever see that video on youtube of the cow that eats chicks? Very strange.

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