Is this true honestly? Please!?

Ok it says you have to think of your crush and then send it to like 10 peopl in an hour. If not your life will suck. Wil;l that come true.

In my opinion, only if you're a character in a comedy show. Also, I never send them. I think that action is more likely to get results than a chain letter. Strike up a conversation with a crush. Maybe find out somehow when he'll be at a mutual friend's party and bump into him. And I think the trick is that if you're expecting negative experiences as a result of not sending the letter, you're more likely to pay more attention to those bad experiences.
No...not at all...
No honey..none of that will happen.You are in control of your life, not someone who has nothing better to do then send people stupid letters like that. NONE of those "chain letter" things work.Take it from someone who always deletes those things and my life, while not O.K. and My love life is fine. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN IF YOU DON'T SEND THOSE THINGS OUT.
Utter foolishness!
nothing bad will happen , not sure about other countries , but in australia chain letters are illegal , so if it really worries you , show it to the police .
I have never seen one of these come true, if it would, it would be the luck of the draw.

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