Am I depressed?

That IS the question. This is why I asked:
1. I feel sad a lot (but not so much since I have found a significant other who loves me in return, however am forbidden to date her.)
2. I feel like I'm no good. That I lose my confidence in the faces of the ones I love whenever they are upset.
3. Negative but neutral attitude. Usually I have no feelings.
4. Hard to make up my mind with little things. I forget a lot. Hard to concentrate.
5. I think about death and suicide.
6. Whenever I'm sad, my chest feels like it has some sort of negative energy. Then I shiver/spaz automatically and the feeling goes away.

Life is good though, right? I am healthy. I'm in love. But the things listed above still remain. Am I just going through difficult times? Or am I just a depressive person? I was one of those "depressed" kids who hated life and etc. back in high school, but I tried to change my ways. To be optimistic! Am I in denial that I'm an optimistic person despite suicidal thoughts? Thanks.

The symptoms you explained are that of depression. Even though you may have "pulled " yourself out of depression from your younger years there are clear signs of depression now.
This could be from a chemical imbalance, this is why many people are on anti-depressants. The best course of action is to see a psychiatrist Let them evaluate you and if medication is needed they have the expertise to prescribe the correct type.
In the meantime, try adding exercises on a daily basis. It could be walking or weight training, whatever appeals to you. This raises the feel good chemicals in your body and is a great way to relieve stress. I know that weight training (just being fit not necessarily huge) can have a very positive impact on your self confidence and how you view yourself. If you hold a positive and confident opinion about yourself it is easier for people to see the same about you.
Yea you seem to be a little depressed. You may want to see a doctor if thought of suicide or death increase.
Without a doubt. Be nice to yourself and get the help you deserve. Things can get better! But you can't reason your way out of it and it's not your fault. It is IS. Get help.

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