Anyone know what this dream means??

My first part of my dream was that i died and i was still on planet earth, but no one could see me. what does that mean??

My second part of my dream was, that i lighted matches that led to hot, yellow, fire. What does that mean??

Becoming invisible suggests something emerging from the unconscious, being forgotten, or relating to the unconscious. also check out "fire in dreams' at
Maybe that you feel alone...First thing that came 2 my head. And that you're confused...You're alone and confused...Who knows? I had dreams about barney chasing me up and down dark stairs when i was knows?
Dreams are just the regurgitation of your daily life. Your emotions, thoughts and experiences influence your dreams. Look into what you were thinking the day you had that dream. The first part, I would guess has to do with feeling unappreciated or ignored. The second part? Haven't a clue. Your guess is more true than mine.
No One can really interpret dreams no matter what some mental health nuts say
The first part probably means that you sometimes feel as if you are walking around and no one pays any attention to you. You feel invisibel, like no one can hear what you are saying. The other part may mean that you feel like if you do one thing, it usually leads to terrible things happening and you feel responsible. I think you have a little stress in your life that caomes out in your dreams. Hope I helped a little.
1st Part: You feel that whenever something important happens to you nobody notices.

2nd Part: You lit a match? Whoa, that's a hard one, maybe it means that you have to much excitement in your life, or, you hide your feelings from everyone.

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