Is your life going the way you imagined it as a child?

I'm just curious. Life is most definitely a blessing..but it's been rougher than I planned. I have dealt with illness, being a single parent, heartache. I have went to College and have had a hard time getting a job in my chosen field. But still I hold on to my dreams. Thank God I have made it through the trials. Life has been challenging but it's a blessing.

No, no way is how I imagined my life as a child. I've been very successful career wise, and money has never been a problem, but that's about it.
Not at all. As I child I was unable to imagine such an adventure. Even with the trials my life is greater than I would have been able to invision as a child.
Well, I am not a large pink tiger on roller skates. So, no. Other than that I think that life is a lot harder than children can comprehend. How many times as a child did you want to be an adult so that you could stay up all night and buy all the candy you could eat? Life is a suprise and it should be!
my life is much better than l ever dreamed-l had a rather sad childhood-with no time for dreams-but l survived-and have a lovely life you--a challenge- but with so many beautiful journeys too.good luck,health and happiness to you. x
Well first,I want to give you your props for going out and doing your thing,you are being a wonderful role model for your child/children so pat yourself on the back. And to answer your question,my life is not what I envisioned it to be as a child,ugly reality hit me in the face but at the same time,I'm glad to be alive and to have a roof over my head and to be there for my kids and to me being a single parent is a learning lesson everyday,I'm always finding out something new. I feel for you on the heartache thing because I've been there too and it does not feel good,I can tell you that. Keep doing what you're doing and you will see more blessings coming your way.
I don't think you really know about life till you get your feet wet. The world has changed so much I could hardly have imagined it today. My Grandma grew up with dirt roads an horse drawn ice carts in Denver. I've seen men land on the moon. I only know the world will be so very different for my own kids. I never got that pony as a kid, but I have 400 hourses under my hood and don't need ice with my AC and fridge.
Oh wow! No, not even a little bit! I imagined it so much better than it is. But, my life's not over yet, so I pray that it will get better! Life is a blessing, but it sure is one struggle right after another!
Not at all. My life is far from what I dreamt it would be. Sadly, I do not mean this in a good way.
No, not really. It's not bad or anything, I've just changed a lot. On the other hand, I never had a definite plan in the first place.

To Tigger: You wanted top be a pink tiger? So you could be, like, the Pink Panther's rival? Aw, now that's MY dream! XD
No, it isn't, I was supposed to be an astronaut cowboy movie star living in a space station.
Yes you are correct, Life will not normally go in the way you expect and there may be many thorns during the journey and we cannot expect so many pits in between but we still struggle a lot to go to the end of the race(goal) and we achieve it at the end( if we really work hard)..
So I feel that life will be definitely risky and also very soft to be handled and careful steps have to be taken to achieve our goals accurately.But if u take every situation as a challenge then u will feel that life is golden span in which u can do many things.
If really your imagination becomes true then I think u r most luckiest person and also definitely U might have taken right steps at right time..
Am I right?

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