What makes a stronger marriage? bad times etc...?

have you been through bad times and made it even better? please tell me your stories. xx

what makes a marriage stronger is mutual respect and mutual responsibility. and a lot of hard work, most people are not willing to do any of this so that is why we have so many breakdowns and divorces.
I think that all mariages go through bad times. Bad times do not have to be financial. We all change as we get older. It is a matter of wether you are willing to put up with your husband's indiscetions and wether you are prepared to do the same.
Bad Times you say? From reading most of the question's and answers on here, you don't even make it to the bad times to actually test your love/marrige. After the toilet seat is left up 3 times in a row, baby It's over!
There was a time when my mate and I were going through alot of things even cheating on both of our behalves. Well, we both realized that the cheating was worthless, we were only hurting each other and others in the process and we were still together afterwards. So now we are faithful, stay together and there are still times when we have problems and all. Most of the time, we state what the problems are, how we feel about the problem and most of the time we try to work on them together-we both try to do better. Try to communicate more and spend personal time together by yourselves-try doing new things-it can repair your relationship.
I think it depends on how bad the damage is and how strong your relationship.
Marriage is not only about love, but respect and faith to each other is very much important to keep the marriage intact.
If you lost one of those three most significant ingredients, then it will very hard to keep the marriage intact.
There are NO stories to answer your question, because the
answer contains only two basic parts.
1) Absolute trusting love for your mate.
2) Complete and total dedication and loyalty for your mate.

If you HONESTLY claim both 1 & 2, you'll be building a strong and
lasting marriage.
sometimes bad times do make marriage stronger, and only sometimes

both side should work on it, it is not only about love & be loved, need & be needed but also an art - how to living with others well & make everything fresh and wonderful
My wife and i have been through some testing times during the course of our marriage, by that i do not mean affairs but many other problems.
But if you kind find the strength and love for each other you can get through not matter what.
It begins with real commitment. Then both partners have to work at the relationship. Ernie Larsen said that both spouses have to take 100% responsibility for the marriage. I went through a long depression, which was very difficult for the marriage; the other partner needs to be very understanding and patient in that situation, and mine was. You both have to meet each other's primary needs, and accommodate each other.
Bad times can bring people closer by showing you both what the other person is like under pressure. What makes a marriage strong is just two people who both work at making it good every day. If you work against each other, you get nowhere with a headache. It helps to be mature, and it's great if you have as many similar interests to share as you have outside interests of your own to enjoy. Compatibility is important. A bad temper is often the kiss of death to a relationship. If you find the right person, you won't have much to disagree about. Remember that conflicts don't necessarily mean agruments. Things can be really smooth and stress free with the right person. Bad times aren't the only way to a great relationship. I prefer good times myself.
If by a bad time you mean cheating etc Then I think it makes a weaker marriage (I know that's not true for everybody), but if you mean outside circumstances like losing your job or a death bad times can pull you together. To do this you must be polite to each other. You wouldn't say or do such nasty things to a Friend under stress incase you lost them so don't do it to a partner respect them.
Married had four children two months after the birth of my last We lost our business.sold everything in sight to pay bills. used to do boot fairs to buy the weeks shopping,
My youngest is now nearly fifteen.. and we have been married nearly 30 years

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